Aerial ash scattering in South Florida



Our mission is to provide respectful and dignified burials at sea by aerial ash scattering to families in service to loved ones who have passed away. We have been on a mission to help families let their loved ones "fly with the angels."

Is Aerial Ash scattering right for you?

The decision to be cremated is one of the most important decisions you can make. After that decision is made, then the "Last Wish" of how your remains will be scattered is of utmost importance for you and your family.

So many cemeteries are often forgotten and scattering ashes by boat is comparable to being "dumped overboard." We believe scattering ashes by airplane is the most dignified way to honor and memorialize your loved one. 

If you have ashes of your loved ones in your closet, attic, or on the mantle, and don't know what to do with the cremated remains, then it may be time to set them free to fly with the angels.

Loved ones' ashes

The scattering of cremated remains from the airplane includes a fly-by of a family and friends gathering as a remembrance. It includes flying along the beach or flying by a restaurant on the ocean, then flying 3 miles over the ocean to scatter the ashes.

If your last wish is to have your ashes scattered from the air, please call us to make the arrangements. Please inform us about your funeral home and cremation service. Making these arrangements and letting your family know what to do with your ashes is one of the most caring gestures you can offer your family. It is up to you to let everyone know your "Last Wish."